Semax Nootropic Review – Miracle Or Russian Scam, Dr. Beraka

In this Sexmax review you’ll discover all you need to know about this strong russian nootropic. Listed in Russia as an essential drug, Semax is gaining a reputation for being nearly a miracle drug. It particularly helps with cognitive function by repairing damage in the brain and preventing new damage, as well as stimulating the hippocampus to improve executive function. This means that those who use the drug become more focused, more motivated, more creative, and generally smarter.

Are Semax The Safe, Effective Nootropic that will Change Your Life

What would you do if you could make yourself smarter and more motivated? Nootropics are a class of drugs that promote better memory, creativity, critical thought, and motivation.

And one particular nootropic – Semax – has become immensely popular in Russia because of its safety and effectiveness. While is relatively new, Semax has quickly gained a reputation of being somewhat of a miracle drug.

Developed in 1982 by a team of the Institute of Molecular Genetics at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Semax was originally meant to treat stroke victims, but recently, its nootropics (cognitive enhancing) properties have been discovered. Today, the drug is so effective and popular that it is now considered an essential drug in most of Russia and Ukraine. It helps to boost neurological function.

It stimulates the brain to repair damage an prevents further damage from occurring. It increases creativity,  memory, motivation, and critical capacities, allowing you to do more.

inally, Semax works on the same serotonin and dopamine receptors as antidepressants, allowing it to act as an antidepressant and antianxiety medication. It is incredibly safe, with no known Semenax side effects or risks.

Semenax Benefits, Uses, and Effects

Semax is prescribed in Russia to treat a wide variety of conditions. Some of these include:

  • Circulatory problems;
  • Stroke;
  • Transient ischemic attack;
  • Memory and cognitive disorders;
  • Peptic ulcers;
  • Optic nerve disease;
  • Immune Disorders;

In short, the primary uses for which it is prescribed relate to some of the most damaging parts of age. Semax can help your body repair its own brain, heart, and immune system.

But, Semax is not just used to treat diseases. In fact, it is even more effective in healthy individuals.

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What if you there were a nootropic that could almost immediately drop into a state of flow, where anxiety, depression, and worry didn’t exist – a drug that genuinely improved your memory and made you smarter? Better yet, why if it had no side effects at all?

This scenario isn’t movie pharmacology or fantasy; this nootropic is real. Originally developed for stroke victims, N-Acetyl Semax Amidate a.k.a Semax, is the latest nootropic wunderkind. All it takes to enjoy its benefits are a few tiny drops of a mere 0.1% solution.

The Semax stroke concentration weighs in at Semax 1% concentration, but it’s far more than you need to capture that smooth, focused feeling of balanced flow that a Semax 0.1%

dose brings on.

What is Semax, and Where’s It Been All My Life

The neuroprotective Semax peptide mimics part of a neurotransmitter called adrenocorticotropic hormone (ATCH). For over 30 years, Russian doctors have prescribed 1% Semax nasal spray to stroke victims to help them rebuild their cognitive functions for decades. The FDA has not yes approved Semax, nor has the agency scheduled it, which means you can legally Semax online.

How Does It Work

To summarize: the N-Acetyl Semax spray passes quickly through the blood-brain barrier, then heightens the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF then positively modifies brain receptors associated with memory, acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and histamine.

Because Semax breaks down in the stomach, it is most effective in spray form. Powdered forms are available in NA Semax amidated versions, but Semax reviews report  it isn’t nearly as powerful as the nasal spray/drop version.

Note: you’ll have to keep your Semax spray refrigerated, or the chemical will degrade.

Benefits and Effects

Because it initially was prescribed for stroke victims, N-Acetyl Semax’s best-studied benefits are related to that use. It was only later that researchers realized it was a cognitive enhancer. Studies show it positively affects 12 different immune system genes for three to up to 24 hours after usage.

Given these neuroprotective effects, Semax is also used to treat optic nerve diseases, peptic ulcers, and transients ischemic attacks in Russia and Ukraine. It is on the Russian List of Vital & Essential Drug because of its proven cognitive and neuroprotective effects.

Every N-Acetyl semax review we’we saw sings the praises of Semax, noting how well it enhances the thought process, broadens and deepens cognition, makes facts and memories more accessible, and heightens concentration.

Unsurprisingly, it also has a marked anti-depressive effect and soothes anxiety.  It may even help with ADHD, though don’t expect Semax anxiety or ADHD drugs anytime soon.

Semax Dosages

The standard nootropic dose of NA Semax is about 50 to 60 micrograms, or two squirts of the 0.1% solution; i.e., one spray or one or two Semax drops per nostril.  The 1% solution dosage is 500 mcg, and while effective for stroke-related neurological issues, doesn’t work any better as a nootropic than the 0.1% version. Most Semax effects typically taper off after six to 10 hours.

Semax Side Effects

Semax is remarkably free of side effects and completely non-addictive. There’s no crash afterward (which makes it better than coffee!) or withdrawal symptoms.

The standard dose keeps working the same way indefinitely, so you don’t have to take higher doses of overtime to get the same response.

The only potential negative Semax effect we’ve heard of was one anecdote where the subject reported feeling like “he was in a video game” because no matter what he did, either physically or mentally, it was so easy and stress-free it was like directing a game character to do it.

Semax vs. Selank

Selank, also invented in Moscow in the early 1980s, is closely related to Semax. However, semax is by all accounts the superior nootropic.

Not only does it have a stronger effect, but it also works mostly as a neuroprotector, memory enhancer, and immune system enhancer.

Selank makes an excellent anxiety drug but doesn’t drop you into the “cognitive flow” as effectively or deeply as Semax.

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